About Gray

My name is Gray Taylor, as you likely know by now. This blog is my little part of the grid, the cache that I make my home.

Okay, that’s a bit nerdy. I grew up loving the Tron films, and while grids and caches mean different things to me these days, I do enjoy the fantastical elements that those films gave. Nowadays, grids are more used to track business profits, projects, and so on, while caches are more of a website term to many. Still, it felt like too good a chance to pass up when choosing a name for my own little blog, and so I felt like I should seize the chance.

Speaking of, that’s what business is like for many people, and at many points. Learning to seize the chance to do things that could be risky, but doing them in a proper and controlled way, is how entrepreneurs like myself make their best returns. We learn the markets involved, get the people we need to work with us, and set everything in motion to make sure all works as it should. It is a tough job, but there is nothing like it.

Especially when you branch out into multiple revenue streams. This is what I did once my first business was well and truly established, and now I run a fair number more. Each of them couldn’t be more different from the last, and each provides me another great world that I can explore and learn about while I generate profit through it.

Through my experience with these ventures, I have learned a great number of things about the world of business that I would love to share with others. I can’t guarantee you’ll see the success I have, but hey, it’s worth trying right?